Who Else Wants A Happy, Healthy, Goal Focused,
Well Adjusted, Success Oriented Family?

There Aren’t Any Other Programs Or Sports That Both Parents And Their Children Can Participate In Together – Not To Mention Benefit From Too!

You can coach their team, but not play alongside of them! You can help teach their dance class, but not perform with them!
At Yi’s Karate Cherry Hill you can not only train side by side with your child but you can also learn together, benefit together, practice together, grow physically and mentally together……

AND bond in a special way that you can experience nowhere else!

cherry hill martial arts

Families Get That “Yes I Can!”
Attitude at
Yi’s Karate
Cherry Hill

Our specialized martial arts program helps children build confidence, develop a winning positive attitude, and learn real life leadership skills, while helping you lose weight, improve your stamina, increase your flexibility PLUS look and feel 10 years younger. All of this while the whole family learns how to defend themselves!

In an era when individual family members seem to be doing their own thing, martial arts has become a leader in bringing families together. The Yi’s Karate Cherry Hill family program offers you the opportunity to develop important quality-time with those you love while sharing the benefits of training. Plus, although you work towards your Black Belt side by side, each member of the family will also discover valuable personal benefits from his or her training. Why sit at home with everyone doing their own thing when you all could be improving both physically and mentally and having fun together!

The Family That Kicks Together,
Sticks Together!

cherry hill martial arts

Parents And Children Benefit & Participate Together

There are also family strengthening properties associated with training together as a family:

Time Together
Sense of Family Unity By Working as a Team
More to Talk About
Promoting Understanding Between Family Members
Helping One Another
Promoting Respect Between Family Members
Added Incentive to be Active
Creating Family Traditions

To maximize these benefits, think of the experience as more than just an opportunity to be together. It’s also a chance to explore and enjoy a shared interest, and in so doing contribute to a sense of closeness within the family.

Don’t just take our word for it, just listen to
what our parents and children have to say
about the family karate program.

“My wife and I have four children, and all six of us participate in karate. In this age of Little League and Youth Sports I think karate may be one of the few sports where parents can actually join in and participate along with their children”
– Father, 43-year old, who trains with his wife, two daughters and two sons; 8 years of training

“I feel really good about training with a family member because you get to have family time while taking class.”
– 10-year old boy who trains with his father; 2 years of training

“Considering our demanding schedules (the contemporary norm), we find that karate training is one of the few opportunities in the week that we get to spend quality time together, not just during workouts, but also driving to and from the school and dinners ‘out’ afterward.”
– Mother, 40-year old, who trains with her son, daughter, and husband; 5 years of training

“I think it is fun and makes your family a team more than it is. It helps us have more to do and more to talk about. Also, I like how it is a challenge to get to the next belt with your family. Lastly, our new motto is from the Special Ops – ‘No one is left behind’.”
– 12-year old boy who trains with his mother, father, and younger sister; 2 months of training

“Karate emphasizes respect and discipline, which provides a great context for learning, as well as a model for family interactions outside of karate.”
– Father, 43-year old, who trains with his 2 sons; 2½ years of training

“I think its fun to train with your family around. I usually don’t like to be in a place with anyone I don’t know well.”
– 10-year old boy who trains with mother and older brother; 3 years of training

While we have thousands of parents just like you who have experienced positive and lasting benefits with their children,
the best way to experience our program is to try it for yourself.
  • Yi’s Karate Cherry Hill Offers Great Family Discounts! The First Family Member Is Full Price And All Additional Family Members are Discounted!
    PLUS All Family Members After The First 3 Are FREE!

  • We invite you to visit our school at 219 Haddonfield – Berlin Rd., Cherry Hill, NJ.
    We are conveniently situated in the middle of the “Centrum Shoppes”
    on Haddonfield – Berlin Rd across from Winner Ford and just a few
    blocks from the Haddonfield, NJ border.

    The “Centrum Shoppes” also is accessible form Brace Rd with a driveway between
    Kaminski’s and Dunkin’ Donuts. Whether entering from Haddonfield – Berlin Rd. or
    Brace Rd. just look for the big green and white “Centrum Shoppes” sign.

    You can also reach us using the Contact Form at the
    top-right of the page or use the information below:

    219 Haddonfield – Berlin RD
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
    (856) 795-2400

    Email : Webmaster@CherryHillKarate.com

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